The adorable mess header

The adorable mess header

About Me

Hi! I'm Katie and I'm the writer and creator of The Adorable Mess.  During the week (and most of the weekend) I am a third grade teacher in Winchester, Virginia.  By night and during the leftover weekend, I am an avid creator, blogger, and lover of doing things yourself.  My sweet husband and I live in Winchester, VA and are life-living adventure seekers.  We enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, and geocaching.  We also love football, which is why we live in a college town.  We enjoy living life to the fullest and making the most of every day, which is what I believe we were created for.  We are also followers of Christ and work daily to seek His will in every aspect of our lives. 

About the Blog

The Adorable Mess was created in 2013 as a hobby and a chance to share my life with others.   After seeking names and ideas for a platform, my boyfriend (now husband) came up with the name because he said that it described me in a nutshell: adorable and a mess all at one.  At that moment, The Adorable Mess was born.

This blog, though, is mostly about you, the reader! Its a way to share my life with family that is far away, and for those who are seeking inspiration and affirmation that life can be imperfect, adorable, and messy, all at the same time.  I'm far from perfect, and this blog seeks to affirm what we all know: that life is not always picture perfect, but it is always full of adventure.  

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