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Monday, May 13, 2013

Confessions of a Teacher Shopaholic: Clothing Discounts for Teachers

Update as of 7/14/14:  Thanks to each of you who have take the time to visit my small corner of the world!  You might also be interested in my other post: Discounts and Perks Every Teacher Should Know, especially as we start preparing for back to school! Happy Shopping! :)

Let me begin by stating that I have ALWAYS been a shopper.  My mom claims that she had me in the mall only a few days after birth and I can honestly state that growing up my deepest dreams and desires often revolved around shopping.  I would stalk magazines, online shopping was second nature and I'd come running for miles if I heard the word "mall" or "shopping" mentioned.  Okay...that's an exaggeration, I don't run very far or very fast...but there isn't a part of me that doesn't love to shop!

However, after starting my career as a teacher you can imagine that money is, well, not overflowing and I'm always on the hunt for a good deal.  Thankfully, many stores offer discounts for teachers if you can procure your teacher I.D.  I've even had stores take my insurance card that states that I work for a school system as proof of my occupation when my I.D. had been left at home.  Below is a list of retail places that offer discounts for teachers and I am on the hunt for more!  Happy Shopping!

Retail Clothing Stores with Teacher Discounts

15% off with a valid school I.D.  They also provide a discount for college students, too!  Most of the time it cannot be combined with any other offers, but it never hurts to ask!

Ann Taylor Loft has a Loft Loves Teachers program.  Here again, 15% off of full price purchases with a valid school I.D.  They also run special discounts and offer grants.  Who doesn't love a good Loft outfit? 

20% off your first purchase once you enroll in their program and 15% off each additional purchase.  Coupon offers are also sent to your email. This is a great place to stock up on some basic teacher apparel, like dress pants and dress shirts.  They also run some really great sales. 

15% off in store purchases with a valid teacher I.D.  Unfortunately this deal is not good at Banana Republic Factory stores.  

15% off of in store purchases.  The offer cannot be combined with other coupons or offers and again, it can only be used in stores.  

15% off for college students and teacher will a valid photo I.D.  It seems that this deal is set to expire on 12/31/13 and is only offered at Tanger Outlet Centers.  

10% off your purchase with a valid school I.D.  As with the Polo Ralph Lauren discount, this seems to be a discount only offered through 12/31/13 by Tommy Hilfiger Stores at Tanger Outlet Centers.

Happy Shopping!



  1. Talbots gives teachers discounts (at least in Fresno, CA they do!)

    1. That's great to know. I'll have to check it out in our area!

  2. Banana Republic Factory Stores actually do give out a teacher/student discount. It's 10%. It's also the only discount combinable with any other coupon you may have. (I know this because I work at one)

    1. This is wonderful news! I shop at Banana Republic Factory all the time and wasn't aware of this discount. I'll have to try it out. Thanks for letting me know! :)