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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

24 While 24 and Making It Count

I'm a firm believer in making your days count.  We only get so many chances, so many breaths, so many opportunities and well...I'm all about making them memorable.  :)

Therefore, for my 24th birthday I decided that I would pick 24 things that I wanted to accomplish within the year.  I wanted it to be possible to document them in photo form so that I could share my progress and keep myself accountable.  Some of them require very little preparation and others require quite a bit of planning and creative thought.  I tried to choose from a variety of ideas that I brainstormed before I began and tried to choose what would be the top 24 for me personally.  After quite a bit of debate my final list came down to….drum roll please….this lovely list: 

1.    Get a Compassion Child
2.  Run a 5k
3.  Start a blog
4.  Go to a Needtobreathe concert
5.  Go on a road trip
6.  Get involved with a ministry in my church
7.  Visit a new state
8.  Go to a Major League Baseball Game 
9.  Go to a Drive-In Movie
10.  Plant a geocache
11.   Go tubing or white water rafting
12.  Hike part of the Appalachian Trail
13.  Go Camping
14. Have a picnic :)
15.  Fly a kite
16.  Go to the Farmer’s Market
17. Visit a lighthouse
18.  Go fruit picking
19. Go to a country concert
20. Go to a rodeo
21.   Go to a monster truck show
22.     Make a scarecrow and carve a pumpkin in the fall
23.     Make a tie dye shirt
24.    Play the lottery one time

What could you do with your year?  40 while 40?  15 while 15?  All that matters is that you are being purposeful with your time.

Happy Memory Making!


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